Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sculpture Park: Photo-Story

 Big Sister's First Year

Today was not only Baby C's birthday, but a celebration of O's first year as a Big Sister.
It' has been a big year for all, so the three girls celebrated with a trip to the Sculpture Park.
I love that the photo's depict how O has grown...along with our family;)

Thank you O, for being just who you are;)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hurray for One!

Today was no ordinary Tuesday, it was Baby C's first birthday celebration.
She enjoyed her first 'ice cream' (okay, it was Rice Dream!) for supper, complete with candle and song!

Actually, there was a lot of candles and songs going on at mealtimes today!

Breakfast Candle

Enjoying her new hobby of basket-dwelling

 Measuring up for the year!

 Posing with 'Jie Jie'

End of the Day

Thank you Baby C, for an amazing first year of first's...
...for bringing so much sunshine to our life & home...
...for always being curious & interested in all of life's 'little' things!

We love you like crazy and celebrate your big day with endless gratitude in our hearts!

Daddy, Mommy & Big Sister "Gay Gay"

 2 Days Old

Telling Tales at Westfield Heritage

Bus Shuttle

When your day starts with a dream-come-true, isn't it bound to be a great day?
O has been hooked on riding a school bus. So when our Telling Tales Shuttle Bus happened to be in the form of a Big Yellow, O was beside herself!

This is Telling Tales 4th year in the running, but our first visit. It's a collaboration of Canadian authors & storytellers, the Rotary Club, local libraries and Westfield Heritage Center. Not only is it a completely free event, it is amazingly well organized and a ton of fun.

Turkey Rhubarb

The school bus shuttles run constantly from 10-4pm taking guests from Rockton Fairgrounds parking to Westfield Heritage Center. Upon entering, there is a huge Book Swap set-up. If you didn't bring any books to swap, you can purchase gently used books for one or two dollars each. O saddled up with a story, while we searched for new titles.
A short walk through the forest took us to the Bandstand where Turkey Rhubarb was performing!

ASL Train

As you travel from event to event, you can also take advantage of the Village itself. O indicted (by signing to me!) that there was a train close-by!

The fire department brought an old engine for families to climb on...

Fire Engine Tour

...and O enjoyed her first Book Mobile. 
She settled in with Nancy Drew as people passed through!

Settling down for the show!

Baby C was awake in time for the Puppet Show and settled in close to her sister.


Alligator Pie's Mr. Dennis Lee

The Great Canadian Dennis Lee performed with a reading of short poems and celebrated his 40th anniversary of Alligator Pie!http://mamadrool.blogspot.ca/2013/08/alligator-pie.html

 Kettle Corn

Daddy babysat the Kettle Corn!

Peter Rabbit

O finished off the day with a good-bye to Peter Rabbit!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Baby & A Flashlight: Sensory Play

 Catch the Light

Baby C and I played a simple game of Catch the Light.
I love her saggy pants and these simple photos!

Holy Punch

 Hole Punches Unite

O is a huge fan of the hole punch.
I started with a simple one, then added the old paperboy style punch, then recently caved and bought a set of random shapes for a remarkably cheap price at a fair.
Much cheaper than the Crop-o-dile from Michaels, that I purchased for this Asterism's Project http://mamadrool.blogspot.ca/2014/06/asterisms.html 

 Holy Message

I wrote O a Holy Message.
Then she was intent on having her name spelled in holes!

Hole punching is an under-rated activity for children (adults alike!)
They are fantastic for developing hand muscle strength and it is actually a very calming, addictive activity!

Plus there is loads to do with the product of all the punching!

Heart Garlands. http://diycraftyprojects.com/2012/01/paper-punch-heart-garland.html
Daddy laughs when O collects heaps of paint sample strips, while I am at the other end of the aisle collecting my handfuls of samples!

Valentine's Punched & Sewn Cards. http://www.lifewiththecrustcutoff.com/15-valentines-day-kids-crafts/

Weaving Cards for Kids. Here are two samples, both adorable and simple. http://todayscreativeblog.net/easy-stitch-cards/ and http://www.dandee-designs.com/2012/04/sewing-cards-toddler-craft.html

Intricate Art Projects. Maybe not simple for wee hands, but very good for a patient crafter. http://www.mylittlechickblog.com/2012/05/treasury-tuesday-curiosity.html 
Rainbows & Patterns http://www.linesacross.com/2012/02/hole-punch-art.html
Clever Pansies. http://indulgy.com/post/eUzC60EIq1/pansies-made-with-circle-punch
Tree's http://www.kokokokids.ru/2011/10/fall-art.html#more