Friday, July 24, 2015

Mobile: Driftwood Strands

Stick Basket

Between our stick collection and Grandpa's contribution, we gathered enough sticks to sand and cut into smaller lengths for a 'driftwood'-style mobile.

Instead of spending loads of money on beads, we went to the thrift store to buy wooden bead necklaces. Once we took them apart, we had a bowlful of beads for $3, which Baby C washed up and dried out for mobile-making.

O developed her own pattern and preferred the golden beads to the sanded sticks!
Once she was all done, she hung her work on the Gallery Wall and started colouring the sticks with blue chalk, to add a splash of colour!

Straw Mobile
Twirling Twig Mobile
Pom Pom & Driftwood

DIY Buttons. Always looking for wooden beads and bits, these buttons would be simple to whip up for threading activities.
DIY Wreath. I made one of these for our front door, except it gets so warm that the twigs actually fall off!
Twig Spools. 
Twig Pencils. These. Are. Awesome. They work so well and are simple to make with just a few twigs and a pencil sharpener. 
Forest Diorama. Though this project is a bit more involved, it definitely has a long shelf life!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mobiles: Treasure Chest

Love me some Magic Onions! They featured a sweet Treasure Mobile that would not only be a little engineering mastery, but use up some of the sticks Grandpa collected for us, nature treasures we find and bits of embroidery thread tangling up in a heap making me crazy.

These started out as wands.
After the first round of winding, O was exhausted.
I worked alongside her and admit, it was a little tedious. So we used these as wands until we stored up some more energy.

Prism Raindrops
Organic Modern.
Sprout Mobiles with Transparencies.
Pom Pom Mobile.