Monday, September 1, 2014

Georgia O'Keefe-style Leaves

 Heavy Outline

Happy September!
I love the Fall most of all.
It's the season that I was the biggest bellied and waiting for my daughters to arrive, so it echoes joy and anticipation. I'm obsessed with the colour palette, the heavy smell of Shanghai Osmanthus, the harvest colours, abundance, shorter days and slower pace...not least of all how it will be especially fantastic to witness O & C's First Canadian Autumn.
To celebrate the first of September, I found this easy art project, which involves little lessons in nature as well as art history
When I had a quick second, I prepped the art table with these leaf outlines (above).
A little inspiration from O's nature collection and references from the book 'Trees of Ontario'.

O was in the room and starting to colour before I could finish the outlines!

Play-with-your-Food Geometry/Architecture

 Snack or Drafting or Geometry?

This morning I presented O with this arrangement for (one of the many) snack time.
We were reading books about fishing without poles, so she was intrigued to see the toothpicks serve as mini spears!
I gave no instruction, but went ahead making my own geometric structure.


The amazing Jean at The Artful Parent demonstrates a number of tools you can present to encourage creative construction
We kept it simple, which was best since O had other plans for her fruit and 'spear's'!

 Fruit Kabobs

Eventually we dropped geometry as our spears and fruit evolved into letters!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Gallery M Tour

The Lovely M

A while back I posted about the lovely M Gallery in downtown Cambridge
The artist/owner, Miss M agreed to host a tour for our home school group this morning.
A massive hit, among the children and adults alike.
The gallery boasts creative works from Canadian artisans and our host was full of patience, knowledge and encouragement!

She introduced Patty Hill hats first!
The children were eager to try them on and Miss M suggested we could try this at home, with material and cheap hats from a second hand stop.


The ceiling was draped with mobiles by Glenn Rivison.
The one pictured above balances with a stone's weight at the top. But there were also miniature mobiles suspended from a cork in a bottle, the 'mobile phone' complete with dinging bell and a camera mobile featuring film.

 What colour is the sky?

Moving along to the oil paintings by Jeanette Obbink, Miss M asked,
"What colour would you say the sky is?" to which all the children replied, 'blue'.
Then she introduced the Obbink oil masterpiece of many shades.

 Waterlilies Series

A little intro on perspective, M brought the group to Sandra Martin's 'Waterlilies' series, painted as if looking up from under the water.

 Zen Garden

David Beecroft's exhibit of ' Zen Tree's' appropriately placed in a Zen Garden reminded me of this project I 'pinned'

The gallery hosts a number of M's own pieces, such as this mosiac...

...and this brilliantly coloured painting that is even more impressive in person.

She let the children touch this glasswork that reminded me of a Mad Hatter's tea party..all the while reminding them that artwork doesn't have to be practical, but something to make us think and smile.

Another lovely piece of glasswork in the form of a bowl.

Miss M has a collection of handmade cards for sale. This is something else she encouraged the children to try at home.

Nancy Yule's piece was introduced by Miss M folding a small sheet of paper into tiny creases. Then she had a sample piece (not adhered to canvas) that the children could touch for themselves. The wings in the piece above were created by making tiny folds in paper, followed by a succession of paint and what seemed like waxing.

O toted her sketchpad

At the conclusion of the tour, Miss M invited the children to sit together as she passed around glass 'marbles'.
These were larger-than-life marbles that fit in the palm of their hands. They offered beautiful colours and depths of magnification that intrigued the older bunch of enthusists.
There was also time for exploring glimmering crystals located in Ontario and Miss M mentioned that there are several locations in Ontario to go 'mining' ourselves.

Overall, Miss M touched on a variety of topics ; medium, perspective, ingenuity, science, math...and a host of idea's for our own art-based projects at home (hat-making, mobiles, zen gardens, mosiac's, card-making, origami/folding paper...)

A great big thanks to M Gallery!!
We'll definitely be headed back for the coming exhibit!

Tote your Sketchpad. Along with doing crafts related to pieces seen in the gallery, you can easily tote your own sketchpad. O was happy to take along a blank notebook and some coloured pencils and got to work when everyone was winding down.
In Copenhagen, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek & the Thorvaldson's Museum were galleries I frequented with my pencil and sketchpad. 
Often one day of the week is free entrance.

Six Games for Museum Play. Make the most of your visit with games for galleries and museum's

Mary Kinda Poppins

 Navy Lady

The Navy Lady statue is situated outside of our local library.
No matter how many times we pass her, O insists she's Mary Poppins:)