Monday, March 30, 2015

Bunny Origami

 Bunny Babies

Beautiful Bunny tutorial on MoodKids
We swapped out our snowflakes dangling from the branch, in favour of paper rabbits for the Spring.
Though this origami was a little complicated for O (I had to repeat the video tutorial about ten times for myself!), she was intrigued with the bunnies that were hanging, as soon as she saw them when she woke up!
Origami are brain puzzles that involve a mix of math and load of patience!

Once I got the hang of it, they were multiplying as rabbits do!
I made a few of them out of pretty paper from chocolate wrappers!

Origami Paper Packaging

The best part about this amazing 'origami' paper, is you get to eat the contents!
Anna Tolazzi is a local chocolate artisan who sells organic, fair trade, vegan chocolate at our market!
I usually make my choice of chocolate, based on the pretty paper it comes wrapped in!

We combined our Rabbit Wake Up Call, with a delicately designed book Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit, by  Il Sung Na
This story could easily be followed by another artistic endeavor, with relentlessly inspiring illustrations!!

Bunny Embossing

 Bunny Embossing Plate & Product

Design Mom was contacted by Cheerio's to be creative with their recycled cardboard cereal boxes...and this is what she came up with: homemade embossing plates!?

We had a Bunny Theme going on today, so I opted to create a geometric-style bunny with Daddy's Cheerio box.
We happened to have a notebook of natural paper Framma and Frampa brought back from Cuba, which served as the perfect medium; heavy cardstock quality with plenty of 'give' when wet.
Instead of spraying the paper, we sandwiched it between a wet cloth before placing it over the embossing plate and pressing with our fingers.

O wasn't in the mood, so after one go, she left the rest of the work to me.
Then she got busy creating 'surprise balls' with crepe paper and the natural cardstock, which she wet into balls to be opened tomorrow!

Sashiko: "Little Stabs"

Every single pair of pants I own, have holes in the knee's.
I learned about the art of Sashiko, though I have a long way to go to do it some justice!
At the very least, it's fixing the hole issue.

While I was busy at mending, O was working on some Sashiko of her own!
Then she asked to pose with our potted flower!


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Seed Study

 I Heart You

Seed Study is potentially a vast topic!
So we're starting small and collecting seeds from what we eat to learn more about how things grow.
'Playful Learning' has some amazing worksheets for Seed Study but worksheets get tossed to the wayside over here. 
For now, it's hands on experiments.

Though these are absolutely not local, they are a fun project and have many uses.
We learned how they float (transporting themselves), how to crack one open, peel away the edible meat and use both the interior and exterior.

 Avocado Pits

Currently our kitchen counter is being covered with vegetables that can regrow

How to grow an avocado tree
...and another

 Prepping the Crown
In depth details for prepping the crown for re-growth

Growing Garlic Chives (from the sprout already forming in your fridge!)

Amazing books!

 A Seed is Sleepy

First introduced to Dianna Aston at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. She has an amazing array of nature books that are not only chocked full of interesting facts, but the illustrations are gorgeous!!

 A Tiny Seed

Eric Carle doing what he is best at; simplifying life's most amazing natural wonders!


A good study for seed dispersal and pictures that look like photographs; I'm still not convinced!
 The Giant Seed

A book with no words!
This picture-tale shows a tiny family who use floating seeds and flower head to their advantage!

 And then it's Spring

After receiving this book as a gift from Miss A, I've since searched for all things Julie Fogliano!
What a beautiful nature-lovers book!
You can almost smell Spring in it's pages!!


There are scientists who are making Seed Study their life work.
This book illustrates the need to preserve and protect biodiversity in seeds.
Beautiful quotes, straight up facts and useful tips on how to save seeds and grow a community of seed traders!
More a book for older children and adults, but the photos are plentiful for the younger naturalists!

Bird on a Wire: Shadow Puppets

 Shadow Puppets

Taking a note from 'Inner Child Fun', we used our teepee as a pre-made Shadow Puppet Theatre.
We've been doing a bit of a bird theme this week (that I'm sure will run well into every other season of the year). Of all the lovely bird books we've been reading, 'A Funny Little Bird' was requested over and over again throughout the week. 
It's a library loan, so we loved it up as much as possible.

I gave O a simple cut-out shape of the bird featured in the story, who is actually invisible, but the illustrator strategically places objects around the bird so you can envision an outline. Then we used some feathers, ribbon and pipe cleaners to embellish the bird, as she did for herself in the story.

O loves using scissors and never ceases to amaze me when she has a pair at hand!
She manipulates the materials by trimming and slicing for effects, instead of just gluing them as is.
She told me she had to, "trim the feathers and give the bird a haircut each day".
Then she made small snips in the ribbon and wrapped it around the birds neck as a scarf!

Finally, when Baby C woke from nap, we began the show!
We used an extra large flashlight, that turned out to be the literal highlight of the performance!
The strings that hold the teepee together worked well as a 'stage' for the birds to be propped up on.

Artists in Action

This lovely little book is a mix between the creative and the environmental movements. Definitely the inspiration for our Bird Puppets above.

Roots & Shoots: Forced Tulip Bulbs

 Little Florist

Although this was a major cheat (we were supposed to start from bulbs, but bought the tulips and washed off the roots!), we still get to witness plants in action! 'Sand and Sisal' featured a Forced Tulip Bulbs post that was a much-needed reminder that Spring is coming.

 Roots & Shoots

Both roots and shoots are visible for a little lesson in botany.
In our case, the flower buds are already present (since we bought them near-blooming!)
With some water, sun and a little more TLC than likely necessary, we're hoping these tulips force us right into Springtime!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Charley Harper Scavenger Hunt

Too chilly for Charley
Even the birds were not around much this week, as Spring took a backseat to morning frost and light snow!

We had good intentions and we'll hear out with Harper next week when the weather warms up!

We adapted our Scavenger Hunt to the birds that are local to our area: cardinals, robins, crows, sparrows, blue jays, seagulls and herons.