Thursday, July 24, 2014

Meet the Framparents

 Baby C's sniffing Framps armpits, O mauling Baby C, 
Framps checking out Fram 
and Fram posing for pics, which she does not like doing! 
Nothing like a Framily Foto!

I absolutely did not receive PTP (permission to post!)
But these pics are very sweet and sum up a sunny afternoon with the FramFolk;)

Baby C & Framdaddy

 O & Framma

Daily Doodle: Fill-in-theFace

 Baby Bellies

Yesterday's Daily Doodle was inspired by the 'Sticky Easel' post from No Time For Flashcards.

I simply drew the 'bust' on our chalkboard wall and asked O to use her imagination.
It was the first time she went at it without asking me to initiate the process.
She began with drawing tiny 'C''s, forwards and backwards, within the face for ears.

Two minutes later I returned and found these stoic portraits!
She extended them from the neck, added facial features (including wickedly detailed noses!) and put little 'babies in their bellies'.

I wish I had her draw these on paper so I could frame them for the Gallery Wall in progress!

Gallery Wall. Our Library/Art Studio is set to have a Gallery Wall. Several frames that will house 'rotating exhibits'. There are many options for framing and display idea's on Pinterest.
O plays both artist and curator by pasting her pieces to the wall with masking tape.
That works too!
Amanda Soule of SouleMama suggests framing your favourite pieces and keeping them hung around the house with art you have purchased.

A Year of Work. This fantastic poster reduces a year's worth of images into one piece of art. 

Art as a Gift. Numerous companies (see offer options for transferring your preferred pieces to giftware. Or you can get creative and sew your own replica.
Tea Towel/Cloth Napkin.

Keepsakes. If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can transfer images to pillows or dolls

Puzzle Peek

 Shapes Puzzle

...with a twist!

Simple, ingenious activities draw me!
Nurture Store is at it again. 

Little C was eager for an activity she could call her own.
At least I thought it was time to create an activity that was solely for her!
This puzzle peek was enjoyed by both girls.
O helped me pick out some pictures from our giant photo box....and Baby C liked throwing all the shapes off to reveal the surprise beneath!

Vegan Bites: Stuffed Peppers


Summery salad in a veggie cup, these stuffed peppers could be eaten cold in the summer months or warmed for the winter. Either way, they're simple to make, packed with protein and colourful veggies. 
A perfect lettuce-less salad for leafless vegans!

Stuffed Peppers
~1/2 cup quinoa
~2 cups water
~purple onion, diced
~2-3 cups colourful peppers, diced
~1/4 cup sundried tomatoe, sliced thin
~2 cloves garlic, minced
~salt & pepper
 ~handful of favourite fresh herbs
~drizzle of olive oil

Cook quinoa and half of onion in water.
Boil until quinoa is translucent and simmer until water is absorbed.
Add veg, herbs and spices.
Spoon into hollowed pepper cups.
Bake at 300 until golden.
Drizzle with olive oil.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Waterloo Petting Zoo


O was tickled pink to see pigs on Sunday.
She is bent on having a pig for a pet. 
It could be part in parcel with the classic Charlotte's Web. 
On occasion, O studies the picture where Fern nurses the piglet with a tiny bottle.
I definitely remember that feeling as a child, of wanting something of my own to care for.

Patting Bacon

There were two pot-bellies at the Petting Zoo we visited, named 'Bacon' and 'Eggs'. 
When O heard they were there, she couldn't get to them fast enough, she referred to them as 'hers' and when we finally said 'good-bye', one was scolded for not getting up to see her out!

Miniature Horses

The park was filled with extensive caged area's housing miniature horses and donkey's, sheep, goats, geese, turkey, peacocks, deer & chickens. 
O took time to love everyone up, but she couldn't stop talking about the piggies!



Make Your Own: Dough Ornaments

 Soft Starch

At the library, we found a book titled Make Your Own Gifts,,9781465414199,00.html?MAKE_YOUR_OWN_GIFTS_DK_Publishing
DK publications are generally fabulous, but this was page after page of clever, trendy DIY projects to share.

We chose the Dough Ornaments, as we had all of the supplies on hand and it turned out to be an amazing sensory experience. Not to mention, a no-fail recipe.

 Goopy Glop

Long ago, when O was teeny, we did a sensory play bin with water and corn starch. The corn starch is so soft and sifts easily through the fingers. Add a little water and it alternates between silky and solid playdough; a very unique sensory experience.

 Cookie Cutters

After hand mixing, I heated the mixture to turn it into dough and O proceded to cut out shapes to bake.

Dough Ornament
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 1/2 cup baking soda
1 cup water
Mix dry. Add water and mix.
Stir constantly over med high heat until mixture thickens.
Remove from heat and cover with damp cloth until cool.
Knead well, roll and cut. Poke hanging hole with skewer.
Bake at 220 for an hour, flipping shapes at the half hour.

Pretty Pendants

Once dried, we can paint and thread with ribbon (as pictured in the book's shot above) to add to jam jars or use as holiday decoration.

More Idea's from DK's Make Your Own Gifts. The pictures below are taken straight from the pages of the book.

Pendants with bead chains

Happy Bird-day Foil Plate Cut-Outs

Here the book notes using tin plate cut-outs and a soft backed surface to etch designs with a ball point pen.

Pop Art Cupcakes

I had no idea there's such thing as 'roll-out icing'. 
Can you believe these are cupcakes!? I thought it was felt circles!

Stamped Gift Tags & Paper

Plans are underway to design our own miniature stamps with lino tiles. 
I love the blue birdie pictured with corresponding gift wrap!

Heart Decor

The kitschy garland....the rainbow strips heart...the layered greeting card....

Tin Can Mouse

Hands down, this would have been my choice as a kid!
We might have to sub-in a teacup piglet for the gray mouse!

Sugar Roll

The recipe for these coconut rolls included 9 cups of coconut and icing sugar with condensed milk!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alphabet Pretzels

Alphabet Pretzels

Our daily fix of homemade pretzels was getting a bit 'stale', so we opted to shape dough snakes into letters...

...and this 3 which was formerly a B!