Thursday, April 23, 2015

Paper Crown

O loves to make paper crowns.
Baby C likes to wear them!

The Science of Sound: Musical Hanger

You have to hear it to believe it. ExpeRimental features a Vibration Experiment with simple tools from around the house

A week ago we were using the xylophone when O asked me why the bars make noise when we hit them.
This experiment was a reasonable hands-on way to demonstrate an answer.

When Daddy came home, he also go involved.

Entrainment. If you have ever heard Himalayan singing bowls, you will understand the effect sound can have on the human body 

Liquid Xylophone. Create your own xylophone sound in the kitchen!

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
We celebrated with Homeschool Day at the Butterfly Conservatory.
Kirsten brought us out to the galleries for group learning, before heading in to visit the butterflies.

Definition Matching Game

Hands-On with Special Guests

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Malaysian Katydids and some seriously big centipedes were brought out for introductions.

O likes to spend her time under the waterfall look-out.
She sat in the bars like the local monkey and spotted a turtle sunning close-by.

Then O started calling out to the turtle, in hopes to get his attention....
...and though Baby C joined in...

...said turtle was not biting. He was happy having a meditative rock moment.
Can you blame him?

Baby C was eager to pet the Katydid, which is a first for her. She normally goes running in the opposite direction of all things that move. She might have thought it was a leaf. I was convinced!

She insists on trying to kiss the butterflies, as she knows to abide by conservatory hands-off rules.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Necklace 1-2-3

Three different necklaces.
Three levels of challenge.
Three happy ladies!
I've been pining over this beautiful creation at 'The Merry Thought'
When we finally picked up the copper supplies, O was like a kid in a candy store at the bead shop!
She found a bag of iridescent beads and created herself a project.

Baby C wanted in, but beads are out for her.
We took a basket of snipped straws and a shoelace, so she could take a turn at stringing.

Everybody hard at work and happy!

Vegan Bites: Green Juice

Our wheatgrass has been growing long and strong for over a week.
Hubby has been bugging me to try out our Wheatgrass Juicer.
So we added a little healthy competition to our Sunday morning.

We took a small container to collect the juice and marked how much liquid we estimated would result from four handfuls of grass.

I likely wouldn't be writing about this competition if I lost;)
The post would go something like, "We made juice. Tasted like grass."
Instead, my marker was the one with the smallest estimate and it hit bang on!
Four handfuls of grass, that took over a week to grow resulted in less than half a cup of juice.
Very grassy juice!

The pulp got pulverized, measuring even less than the liquid.

I straight upped the sucker, since no one else would partake and chased it with a glass of Kombucha.

Paper Magic: Spirals & Paper Flower Ball

Flower Ball

Adding a little math to the week, I found a funky project over on 'BKids' (Bloesem Kids)
It was supposed to be a Flower Ball, but I lost half of my construction paper circles when O found them and turned them into beautiful spirals!

We used what we had left and made a partial Flower Ball!
And slipped in little math lessons about half circles, quarter circles and equilateral triangles.

Sunshine Spiral

Salty Rainbows:Primary Colours

'Babble Dabble Do' had a project for Salty Rainbows that doubles as a lesson in primary & secondary colours.
O absolutely loves using droppers and food colouring.
Chances were high, she would be game!

I went all 'teacher' on her and introduced the three primary colours: red, yellow and blue.
M: "And the three primary colours are used to make secondary colours: green, purple and..."
O: "Orange, Mom."
M: "Ah yes! Orange;)"
Cue cane, to remove me from the stage;)

The only lesson learned here, was (once again) let the learner do the teaching!

O continued with her droppers and had loads of fun!