Monday, May 2, 2016

May Day: Tree Planting

To celebrate May Day we planted tree's at Grandpa's Farm.
Daddy got a sapling mix from a Carolinian forest grown locally; dogwood, sugar maple, birch, kentucky coffee, bur oak, white pine, hackberry and mulberry.

150 Saplings

O and Baby C started strong, helping us to cover the baby tree's with weeping tile and surround the structures with mulch, but in all honesty, worms and frogs were the highlight of their day!
Once Daddy dug up a few worms and pointed out a couple of frogs, we lost our tree planters to the local wildlife and mud puddles!


Friday, April 29, 2016

Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day

April 30th is Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day.
We celebrated our first PIYP last year with teeny, tiny felt envelopes
so this year our only task was to change up the poems.
Since we're working with Gnomes & Fairies this week, it works out well that these tiny letters can be delivered through Fairy Mail!

When O was born, a friend in Shanghai gifted us with 'Here's a Little Poem'; the best book of poetry on our shelves. It combines a collection of short poems geared for children, with illustrations from Polly Dunbar, making it a modern masterpiece!

Mum is having a baby!
I'm shocked, I'm all at sea!
What's she want another one for?
What's the matter with me?!
~Colin McNaughton

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vegan Bites: Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberry Ice Cream

Two versions of ice cream today.
One in the strong lead!

Raspberry Ice Cream received the highest ratings (though Roasted Banana was a close...well the only....second).
This one has a tinge of tartness, so you may decide to add extra maple syrup sweetener.

We combined the leftover banana and raspberry to make bi-coloured popsicles.

Vegan Bites: Roasted Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream

Our freezer is often loaded with sad looking overripe banana's, but this recipes suggests roasting the banana's before freezing to enhance the flavour. Also the use of coconut milk makes this one a winner!

Gnomes & Numbers: Roman Numerals

In the first story of Gnomes and Numbers, we are introduced to the four gnomes and their masses of jewels they hide in the center of the Earth.
They cannot decide how to share them, so they use a twigs to count and divide the jewels.

Baby C was in charge of counting out jewels (glass beads), while O used popsicle sticks to serve as broken twigs. In this story, when the Gnomes reach five, they realize that continuing to use single twigs will take forever, so they switch the twigs to a V shape (though Roman Numerals,  4 is represented as I before V, so you may have to alter your version!).

Once we reached 10, O & Baby C gathered the jewels in a pile and divided them evenly between the Gnomes.

Waldorf Gnomes & Numbers

Waldorf math is introduced using the help of coloured Gnomes.
Each colour represents a math process (add,  subtract, multiply & divide) and lessons are given in story form, without naming the processes involved.

We used the story of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' from 'The Book of Little Folk', to introduce our new Gnome friends. This book is chock full of international fairy and gnomes stories as well as several famous poems.
I left out patches of unfinished felt cut-outs to be made into Gnomes capes & caps for the morning!

Each of the Gnomes has a little poem to tell about their character.

Plus keeps what he finds
He has quite a heap
He adds the new to the old
And yells, “They’re mine to keep!”

Minus has a loving heart
But his pockets are always bare
For what he doesn’t lose
He is always willing to share

Our friend Divide
Takes the greatest care
To ensure that everyone
Has an equal share

Times is quick and able
He gathers with great speed
Handfuls at a time he gets
His bounty multiplies indeed!

Good King Equals is always fair
He sees the same amount everywhere!

Fairy Tee Pee & Maypole

Fairy Garden idea's are bountiful, but my favourite resources for all things childs play are from 'Imagine Childhood.'
In 'Fairies Love Camping', they feature adorable wee tee-pee's, bunting and we added a Maypole in honour of Beltane.

We included our Beeswax Snails and some tiny frogs from my Granny's collection.
I wrapped wee packages of fairy mail and left it outside of the tee pee. (inspired by Leafcutter Designs